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For Colloidal Minerals

As we don’t trust the allopathic medicine, we are not medical doctors.
We are gnostic alchemists living in accordance with the True Law of Mother Nature, studying and practicing the tenets of the Ancient Wise Elders.
As such, we are not considered qualified to give any medical opinion and thus the opinions we give are our own and should not be considered as medical advice.

Our products are to be used in order to produce, on your own, the minerals needed to maintain the beauty and health of your Physical Body, or, during the healing process against disease.
Although we have personally witnessed hundreds of successful reports, studied the successful clinical results once published freely by leading universities and medical establishment, and observed many people effectively healing themselves with colloidals, we are not allowed to offer advice on the treatment of any disease, but direct you to a qualified medical practitioner should you wish to treat any specific disease.

We hand-make only the finest devices for use by people in their quest for Health and Regeneration.
The purchase of any of our products, irrelevant of any labeling and/or opinions previously expressed by us, is to be used in the spirit of the true beauty, strength and knowledge of the natural world and mineral health benefits.

Health & Regeneration!