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The Egg

The Egg represents the starting point of 4 stages of development before reaching the adult bee.

The first stage begins with the laying of an egg fertilized by the queen.
The destiny of the fertilized egg will be to become either a queen in her turn or a worker.
If it is an unfertilized egg, it will become a drone.

The egg is easy to recognize due to its white color and its curved and curved shape.
It is deposited vertically in the alveolus when it is laid.

During the 3 days following laying, the egg gradually tilts to the bottom, dissolves its membrane and turns into a larva. Under the same climatic conditions, this process happens in much the same way for all species.

The Larva

Like a worm, the larva has only one digestive tract and thus its role is limited to feeding.
Indeed, the feeding bees leave them Ambrosia in the alveoli.
The development of the larva is done on 5 successive mutations.
Its weight increases according to its nature.
For example, a worker will gain 900 times her initial weight, while a queen will gain 1,700 times her weight.
The false drone gains up to 2,300 times its weight.
After 9 days at this stage, the larva is closed in the alveolus by a wax seal.
It is the phase of operculation, varying according to the caste.

The Pupa and the Imago

These last two stages see the creation of antennae and other sensitive organs like eyes and mouth.
The thorax and abdomen, as well as the legs and wings are developed at this stage and, finally, the little hairs that cover its body grow.
The mandibles are formed, allowing the imago to pierce the wax seal.

After 7 to 14 days in this stage, depending of the caste of bee, the adult bee chews its ways out of the cell and beats her wings.
This stage is shorter for a queen, longer for worker bees and longest for the drones.

The cuticle formed externally dries gradually for 12 hours, and the bee begins its work.
The bee weighs between 80 and 292 mg depending on his caste, with the queen being the heaviest.

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