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Ka-Ba Wands


The human Physical Body is a fully self-sufficient organism, that it is self-directing, self-constructing, self-preserving and self-healing.

The Wands of Ka-Ba possess a unique quality: they stimulate and activate the natural functions of the organism that have been suppressed by the use of medicines/drugs.


The human organism is capable of maintaining itself in superb functioning order, completely free of disease, if its needs are met.
The human body can produce all the substances and hormones necessary for life, provided that we maintain the balance between the spiritual and physical requirements.

The Wands of Ka-Ba have a special leading influence on the human psycho-physical field and energy structure by stimulating concentration on self-made internal images, amplifying the meditational act.

Regular use of the Wands of Ka-Ba creates the necessary preconditions for the revival of suppressed functions, the normalization and improvement of the immune system.

The Wands of Ka-Ba create a difference in potential, shifting the organism into a different, higher energetic state, in which restorative processes harmonize the organism.
This is obtained through a combination of galvanotherapy, metallotherapy by creating weak physical electromagnetic fields that have therapeutic effects on the organism through the bio-active points of the palms.

The psychic benefits of using the Wands of Ka-Ba:

–              Synchronization of the two cerebral hemispheres;
–              Harmonization of the potentials of the cortices of the left and right hemispheres;
–              Deeper and gentler immersion into the meditative state that corresponds to the theta rhythms;
–              Activation of deep processes connected with the mind;
–              Long lasting effect on the energy field of the human body.

The medical benefits of using the Wands of Ka-Ba:

–              Improve the physical body’s absorption of calcium;
–              Prevent atherosclerosis;
–              Relieve joint pain in arthritis, arthrosis and gout;
–              Relieve back pain (osteochondrosis and radiculitis) without elimination of the causes (one of which is incorrect diet).

Osteochondrosis blocks your organism’s energy exchange system.
One of the symptoms pointing to this is the temperature of hands and feet.
Cold hands and/or feet suggest that the main energy column, the Spinal Cord, is blocked.
This represents one of the causes of a complete lack of perceptions when using the Wands of Ka-Ba.
Careful attention must be paid to the health of the Spinal Cord.

–              Prevent cardio-vascular diseases;
–              Regulate the functioning of the heart in cases of arrhythmia;
–              Improve blood circulation;
–              Relieve menopausal symptoms;
–              Relieve spasms in the alimentary canal;
–              Relieve heart pain in cases of stenocardia and ischemic heart complications;
–              Regulate High Blood-Pressure or Low Blood-Pressure;
–              Alleviate insomnia, regulate sleep patterns;
–              Regulate neurotrophic disorders;
–              Alleviate bronchial asthma, due to stress;
–              Soothe stress, nervous disorders, and headaches;
–              Useful for women going through the menopause;
–              Relieve nervous tension, nervous depression;
–              Activate and maintain the process of cell division, important for the regeneration and rejuvenation of the physical body;
–              Slow the advance of Parkinson’s disease;
–              Counter inflammatory processes in lymphadenitis;
–              Counter as a means of countering stress;
–              Prevent jet-lag.

The Wands of Ka-Ba are not a panacea for illnesses, since their purpose is different.
Disease manifests whenever there is a disharmony between the two fundamental flows of energy, the Ka or Yang and the Ba or Yin.
The Wands of Ka-Ba create the conditions for health to install naturally in the Physical Body.

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