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Colloidal Silver Generator


The HaliKali Colloidal Silver Generator produces the highest grade of Colloidal Silver through the electro-colloidal/non-chemical method where the Silver particles and Water are being colloided, i.e. dispersed within and bound to each other by an electric current.

Colloidal Silver keeps water and food free of bacteria (as used aboard NASA spacecraft).


Because of its super fine microscopic structure (0.10-0.01 micron) it is capable of incredible healing and defensive powers.

Colloidal Silver kills at least 650 known viruses, germs, and bacteria.
Colloidal Silver safely kills infections in eyes, ears, nose and sinuses.
Colloidal Silver stimulates immune system.
Colloidal Silver speeds up healing and repair.
Colloidal Silver accelerates bone and muscle repair.
Colloidal Silver promotes healthy bones and joints.
Colloidal Silver is the perfect skincare solution.
Colloidal Silver speeds healing of torn muscles and ligaments.
Colloidal Silver accelerates healing of stubborn skin ulcers.
Colloidal Silver keeps water and food free of bacteria (as used aboard NASA spacecraft).
Colloidal Silver tones body and creates feeling of well-being.
Colloidal Silver promotes healthy plant growth (kills fungus and infection).
Colloidal Silver promotes good health for pets (boosts immune system and accelerates healing).
Colloidal Silver together with Colloidal Zinc protects the prostate.

The following is just a partial list of the more than 650 diseases that Colloidal Silver is reputed to be successful against:
Acne, allergies, appendicitis, arthritis, athlete’s foot, bladder inflammation, blood parasites, blood poisoning, boils, burns, candida, cholera, colitis, conjunctivitis, cystitis, dermatitis, diabetes, dysentery, eczema, fibrositis, gastritis, gonorrhea, hay fever, herpes, impetigo, indigestion, keratitis, leprosy, leukemia, lupus, lymphangitis, Lyme disease, malaria, meningitis, neurasthenia, parasitic infections: viral, fungal and bacterial pneumonia, pleurisy, prostate, pruritus ani, psoriasis, purulent ophthalmia, rhinitis, rheumatism, ringworm, scarlet fever, septic conditions of the eyes, ears, mouth, and throat, seborrhea, septicemia, shingles, skin cancer, staphylococcus and streptococcus infections, stomach flu, syphilis, thyroid, tuberculosis, tonsillitis, toxemia, trachoma, all forms of virus, warts, whooping cough, yeast infection, stomach ulcer.

Colloidal Silver works just as well on pets’ diseases such as canine parvovirus, and other veterinary uses.
Use it in proportion to body weight.
In the garden, field or greenhouse, add enough to the water or soil – plants will do the rest.
Colloidal Silver resolves fungal and viral attacks on plants.
Simply spray Colloidal Silver on the leaves and add to the soil.


The presence of Colloidal Silver near a virus, fungus, bacterium or any other single celled pathogen disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme, its chemical lung, so to say.
Within a few minutes, the pathogen suffocates and dies, and is cleared out of the body by the immune, lymphatic and elimination systems.
Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, which destroy beneficial enzymes, Colloidal Silver leaves these tissue-cell enzymes intact, as they are radically different from the enzymes of primitive single-celled life.
Colloidal Silver is absolutely safe for humans, animals, reptiles, plants and all multi-celled living matter.

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Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 32 cm
Generator Ag weight

1.5 Kg


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