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Investor Relations

Welcome to Investor Relations page.

HaliKali offers a reasonable ROI, starting at 5% per year, way better than any cashable GICs and/or term deposits.

Why invest in HaliKali?

HaliKali has a proven track record of innovation and growth:

– HaliKali is a world leader in apiculture, harvesting rare and precious products of the hive such as Ambrosia (bee bread) and royal jelly.
– HaliKali is a world leader in the manufacture of Colloidal Mineral Generators and Alkaline Water Ionizers.
– HaliKali is debt free, has a strong balance sheet, and healthy free cash flow. HaliKali is committed to maintaining its financial strength and flexibility while improving investors returns.
– HaliKali has grown substantially in recent years with a flexible strategy that includes developing innovative new products, and acquiring acreages for its beehives. HaliKali was extremely careful to acquire acreages that are pesticide-free. Flora and soil were tested against pesticides and synthetic fertilizers prior to acquisition.

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